We have only one mission and that is to alleviate the pain and
anxiety of our customers.

We do this by being the only CBD provider to sponsor free therapy and counselling for our loyal customers.
You deserve the inner peace.



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Organic and Natural

Your health is our top priority



ISO Certified and 3rd Party Tested

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Why Zona Naturals?

Our mission is to be the number #1 CBD brand when it comes to providing services for mental wellbeing. After many interviews with our customers we have come up with specific programs that reward our loyal customers with free therapies that are suited to their mental health requirements.

Whether you suffer from anxiety, depression or chronic pain, we have a free session lined up for you. Once you buy a product from our store, you will be automatically eligible for these exclusive benefits.

Not sure what product to buy or the correct dosage?

If you aren’t sure what product to start with or what dosage to take for each product, we have created a complete CBD buyers guide for you. This guide covers everything you need to know about CBD in its most common forms and how to take it.

Love the Zona Naturals CBD. Better than what I was taking before. Taste great as well.

Ben J

Fitness trainer

I use Zona Naturals after every workout. It helps me to relax and helps with my recovery


Personal Trainer

I haven’t slept this well in 15 years. With magnesium it works wonders


Business owner

The Founder

Ezzy is a wife, a mother, a grandmother and an advocate of wellness. Having studied biology and chemisty for her undergraduate degrees and psychology for her MA and PHD, it was only natural that she would develop an interest in products that enhance natural, physical and psychological wellness.

For the past few years she has tested many different brands on the market, only to find that none of them was created specifically to cater to people with anxiety and other mental health issues.

Her quest for such products led her to discovering CBD as a natural alternative to pharmaceutical drugs.

The mission is to provide a high-quality, effective and reliable family of CBD products whilst going the extra mile to provide complimentary serviecs to help her loyal customers.

We are a family run business and so all of your support, no matter how great or small is highly appreciated.

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