Along with the ever growing popularity and use of cannabis, we are also seeing more and more hemp being infused in beauty products. This could be because people are starting to recognize its numerous and excellent health benefits, particularly its incredible power to heal the skin and rejuvenate the face. 

Adding hemp oil to cosmetics and beauty products makes sense because it come with various health benefits. Topically applying hemp oil gives a attacks acne in two ways. First, it reduces redness and inflammation. Second, it keeps the pores clean with its antibiotic properties. These two processes work together to clear up the skin and protect it from future breakouts. 

Hemp for Skin Care 

Hemp is not exactly new. In fact, we have been cultivating them for thousands of years in many parts of the world. However, it was in ancient China where people started adding this plant to their body oils and salves. They even used the plant’s root to heal cuts and protect the skin from infection. 

The first recorded medicinal use of hemp is found in the oldest pharmacopeia called the Shen-Nung Pen-Tsao Ching. This book lists hemp as one of the noble herbs and lists its medicinal benefits, particularly when used in herbal teas. Thanks to modern science, we can do to it than just tea. Hemp oil can now be extracted and added to bath and beauty products. 

Hemp for Cosmetics 

Today, the modern woman is looking for more than just a superficial coverup. Hemp has evolved to become one of the year’s biggest beauty supplements, and its demand is predicted to increase in the coming years. Now that many countries are legalizing the cultivation of industrial hemp, the potential for hemp oil can jump to up to 22 percent next year. 

Women face so many things today, and they are looking for a beauty and makeup routine that will allow them to keep up with their lives’ hustle and bustle. Hemp cosmetics gives a whole new take on modern skincare and beauty. And many companies are seeing this trend as they release their line of hemp cosmetics. 

  • The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector. The company The Body Shop has been in the forefront when it comes to hemp beauty products, even releasing a whole line of made of fair trade hempseed oil from England especially geared for people with dry skin. One of their top sellers is the hand cream, which is perfect for the drying winter months.
  • Apothecanna Therapeutic Calming Crème.Because cannabis has a calming effect on some people, this calming hemp, chamomile and lavender cream will put users in a relaxed mood. This is best applied after working out sooth sore muscles or before bed to get you in a restful state.
  • Bonner 18-in-1 Hemp Green Tea Pure-Castile Soap. Sold in colorful bottles in many local health food stores, these gentle and all-natural hemp soap is a multi-use cleanser that can be used to wash the face and body, as well as clean clothes, dishes and for brushing the teeth. It comes in a variety of scents and flavors.
  • Cannabis Beauty Defined Hemp Salve.Hempseed oil has made its way into the world of anti-aging, and this product is one of the top sellers today. This moisturizing emollient offers a combination of East Asian botanicals and hemp oil that reduces wrinkles and preserves the skin’s youthful look.
  • Earthly Body Cucumber Melon Body Mist. A quick spritz of this invigorating combination of melon and cucumber spray will moisturize the skin. Aside from waking you up, it can also be used as a light fragrance and even as an air freshener. 

All the amino acids and proteins found in hemp give the skin an excellent defense system that is perfect for the challenges of today. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, helping your skin maintain its texture and resilience. By using hemp cosmetics, you can enjoy a skin that looks and feels beautiful.

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