CBD Dog Treats (Beef Flavor)


  • Highly specialized CO2 extraction process so that you can get the highest quality of CBD.
  • USA grown hemp so that you know exactly where these products are created.
  • U.S. Hemp Authority Certified so you know you are getting a quality product from a reputable company.
  • Additive-free so you are getting an all-natural product.
  • Made with whole-plant extracts, so that you can get the full benefits of the various compounds in the plant.

Ingredients: Brewer’s Yeast, Cane Molasses, Purifed
Water, Beef Liver Powder, Taphioca Starch, Sunflower Lecithin, Potato Flour, Chickpea
Flour, Cheese Powder, Glycerin, Safflower Oil, Galactic Preserv 06 (Lactic Acid natural
preservative), Mixed Tocopherols, Sorbic Acid, Ascorbic Acid, Hemp Oil Extract

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Our CBD Dog Treats are the newest addition to our store.

Try it now!

Our CBD Rich All Natural Dog Chews are
an excellent option for your Pet’s Health & Wellness. They deliver 3 mg per serving of
Cannabidiol, with zero THC and beef flavor that
dogs love.


There are a lot of CBD products on the market, so it is important for consumers to know that they are purchasing a quality product. Knowing exactly what is contained in the product as well as where the product comes from can help you know that you are purchasing a quality product from a reputable vendor. These products are safe for consumption and all-natural, something we are transparent about.

Whole Plant Extracts

When it comes to the benefits of CBD, you will get the best benefits from taking a full-spectrum CBD oil. This means that they use the entire plant, making use of all of the amazing compounds found in the cannabis plant including terpenes, phytocannabinoids, and flavonoids. You are going to get the maximum benefit with this product so that you can get complete relief from a wide range of symptoms.

Full CBD Benefits

As previously mentioned, since you are getting the whole plant extracts you are also getting all of the CBD benefits. These benefits include maintaining healthy sleep cycles, managing stress and anxiety, supporting a sense of calm to help with focus, and reduction in inflammation.

U.S. Hemp Authority Certified

With all of the CBD products on the market, you want to make sure that you are investing in only the highest quality products. When you see products have the U.S. Hemp Authority Certification, you know that you are investing in a product that you can trust. You can use this product with confidence knowing that it is from a reputable company selling the best products.

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