Recently, holistic veterinarians have been releasing reports about the benefits of CBD oil for dogs, particularly in arthritis, heart murmurs and even tumors. With these testimonies, researchers are starting to turn their attention to CBD. And, true enough, there are discovering lots of interesting information about it. Just as CBD is beneficial to humans, it can also be beneficial to dogs. Here are the ten things you might not know about this herb and how it can give health benefits to your beloved pet. 

  1. CBD oil is non-psychoactive. CBD and THC are two of the compounds found in hemp and cannabis. THC contains psychoactive properties while CBD has none since it mostly comes from hemp and not marijuana. Thus, your dog will get relaxation without getting high from CBD.
  2. CBD oil relieves pain. Cannabinoids found in CBD can work well for pain, with experts considering it as a new drug class for chronic pain. CBD is effective in reducing the impact of inflammation on oxidative stress, acute pancreatitis inflammation, intestinal inflammation and general inflammation.
  3. CBD oil reduces anxiety. If your dog suffers from noise phobias or separation anxiety, CBD oil can be a big help to them. Among humans, studies have shown that it can help with anxiety disorders and is effective against panic disorders and post-traumatic stress disorder.
  4. CBD oil treats epilepsy and seizures. CBD has shown to work well with epilepsy cases that are drug resistant. This makes it a good choice considering that not all conventional seizure medication are effective, with some even very harmful to the dog’s liver and other organs.
  5. CBD oil fights cancer. Research has shown that CBD oil has anti-tumor effects, and can stop cancer cells growth and increase tumor cell death. CBD oil can block the ability of the cancer cells to produce energy and even help increase the efficacy of cancer treatment.
  6. CBD oil promotes heart health. CBD has been linked to heart health and can reduce damage from irregular heart rates and damaged blood vessels; dilate the arteries and protect blood vessels from damage; and reduce blood pressure and heart rate associated with anxiety and stress.
  7. CBD oil increases appetite. Pet owners having trouble getting their dogs to eat can get help from CBD. The National Cancer Institute has reported that CBD increases appetite. CBD oil can also help with nausea and vomiting, even those cases that are results of drugs and toxins.
  8. CBD oil helps with inflammatory bowel disease. Several animals studies have shown that CBD can restore normal gut motility and prevent colitis among patients suffering from inflammatory bowel disease. CBD also contains antibiotic properties, which includes Staphylococcus aureus.
  9. CBD oil protects the nervous system. Research has shown that CBD can help with degenerative myelopathy and other nerve and spine issues. It can help patients with Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and ALS. Among senior dogs, it can help protect their brain cells from toxins and free radicals.
  10. CBD oil reduces autoimmune disease and chronic inflammation. CBD can decrease the release and production of inflammatory cytokines which causes hypersensitivities, autoimmunity and allergies. It is also a powerful antioxidant that has shown to be more powerful than vitamins E and C. 

CBD has shown to be safe for use among dogs, even when taken in high doses and for longer periods of time. Take note, though, that not all CBD oils are the same, and you should be smart enough to get a high quality product for the best results. Similar to humans, slowly start off your dog with CBD, and you should notice very promising effects in no time.

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