buy cbd oil onlineThere is a lot of talk surrounding CBD these days. Today, we are seeing more and more people looking into this wonder product, looking to enjoy its many reported benefits. While buzz alone can get people to try this product, it is always a good idea to get some information about it. Here are a few quick CBD facts to help you better know and understand this plant. 

  1. CBD will not get you high. CBD and THC are two very different components of cannabis, and they function very differently. Unlike THC, CBD will not get you stoned. CBD interacts with various receptors in the cannabinoid system. It is normal to find trace amounts of THC in CBD but it is usually too low to get you high.
  2. CBD from hemp is legal. CBD is extracted from industrial hemp plants or medical marijuana. Marijuana is legal is some parts of the world, but this is not the same case for hemp. However, hemp grown from other countries can be legally imported.
  3. CBD requires no prescription. CBD made from industrial hemp can be legally imported. Buying CBD requires no prescription from a medical doctor. It is advised to consult a medical expert before using CBD, especially for medical reasons, but you do not need prescription to buy it.
  4. CBD is one of more than 100 cannabinoids derived from cannabis. CBD and THC are two main extracts found in marijuana. Despite the fact that other products are found, most of the recorded studies are focused on CBD oil, especially on the benefits that it can offer.
  5. CBD does not rely on source. Contrary to popular knowledge, CBD derived from cannabis is not more potent than hemp. Research says the body is merely interested in the molecular structure of CBD, and not on where the molecule came from.
  6. CBD is safe for pets. Pets can benefit from the use of CBD, just like humans. Many animals have an endocannabinoid system that interacts with CBD oil. Manufacturers are now creating CBD products for pets that promote healthier joints, improved cardiovascular function, better neurological health and improved behavior.
  7. CBD can be extracted in many ways. CBD can be extracted from the flowers, leaves and biomass of the marijuana or hemp plant. There are many methods to obtain the CBD, including dry ice extraction, supercritical CO2 extraction and cold ethanol alcohol extraction.
  8. CBD helps children with seizures. Researchers have looked into many reports of children with seizures showing improvements after using CBD oil. CBD have particularly shown some promise in children who have grown resistant to conventional seizure medication.
  9. CBD plants can be bred. Growers and manufacturers are not finding ways to get the most CBD from one plant. Because of cross-breeding and science, cannabis with high CBD levels can now be grown. These CBD-rich strains have helped increase the supply of CBD, supporting its growing demand.
  10. CBD can be consumed by healthy individuals. Aside from improving the condition of people with poor health, CBD can also support a healthy body and make it more effective in fighting disease. In fact, many have turned to CBD as a health supplement that they take daily.


So many studies are being carried out today to further uncover more information about CBD. So far, many of the things we are learning about it are very encouraging. Because of this, we can only expect the demand for CBD to grow more. With all the good things that it can offer, perhaps you should consider to start to incorporate this wonder oil into your daily routine.

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