Recently, we have seen a big spike in interest on CBD oil. As this hype grows, you might have also become curious about its benefits. Even when using medical marijuana remains to be a controversy in many parts of the world, research has shown that there actually are big benefits to using CBD oil – and all of these are backed up with science. 

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CBD or cannabidiol is a compound in cannabis, and is part of a family of compounds known as cannabinoids. A few years back, it was the psychoactive compound THC that received the most attention. But a study in 2013 which showed that CBD has many health benefits without psychoactive effects has placed the spotlight on CBD. 

CBD Oil Helps with Pain Relief 

Evidence has shown that CBD oil inhibits that neural transmission of pain. Because of this, a person can relax without having to consume so much pain medication. Studies have shown that it offers pain relief without analgesic tolerance, making it a good option for chronic pain. Another research also revealed that CBD is effective in giving pain relief for patients suffering from multiple sclerosis. 

CBD Oil Helps with Anxiety and Depression 

A study conducted on CBD showed that marijuana has anxiolytic effects; it can reduce anxiety and help patients dealing with depression. Research in 2011 showed that taking in CBD oil can help a person deal social anxiety in just a matter of hours. It is also helpful for those with post-traumatic stress disorder, panic disorders, and many other mental problems that impair a person’s ability to function. 

CBD Oil Helps with Cancer Symptoms

Cancer treatment is mostly accompanied with major side effects like nausea and pain. Although there are drugs that specifically deal with the side effects of cancer treatment, there are cases where they have been ineffective. This makes having an alternative like CBD oil important for many people. Aside from fighting cancer side effects, evidence has shown that CBD oil also fights the spread of cancer cells. 

CBD Oil Helps with Acne 

Acne is a skin condition that affect 9 percent of the population, and occurs because of factors like overproduction of sebum, bacteria and genetics. Many people treat them with laser therapy, but CBD oil might be a cheaper treatment alternative. Aside from preventing sebum glands from producing too much sebum, CBD oil also possess anti-inflammatory properties that prevents the production of acne-causing agents. 

CBD Oil Helps with Epilepsy and Multiple Sclerosis 

It is believed  that CBD oil can help deal with neurological disorders like epilepsy and multiple sclerosis. Research on this subject is still in their early stages, but it has shown so much promise. In one study, an oral spray that combined CBD with THC reduces muscle spasticity among patients with multiple sclerosis. In fact, it was so effective that it reduced spasticity in 70 percent of the subjects. 

CBD Oil Helps with Diabetes 

Research has shown that CBD oil lower the incidence of diabetes. Among non-obese mice, the incidence dropped from 86 to 30 percent with the use of CBD. Studies have also shown that CBD can help decrease plasma levels of cytokine, and the subjects have significantly lower insulitis levels. In human studies, those using marijuana have a smaller waist circumference compared to non-users. 

CBD Oil Helps with Mental Disorders 

An experiment on CBD oil has shown that it has antipsychotic effects. Widely accessible in online dispensaries, this oil appears to work in almost the same way as the conventional medication used to treat the mental issue. Studies on animals have shown to be effective. It is also effect on patients with schizophrenia. 

So far, studies on CBD oil have shown promising results. It can treat numerous common health issues like anxiety and acne. Those with cancer can enjoy pain relief from this oil, especially those who found that conventional drugs are no longer working for them. Surely, we can expect more medical discoveries in the future.

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