About the company

The best quality CBD oil at a competitive pricing


When a good friend of mine told me she had used Cannabidiol (CBD) a constituent of cannabis to help her father with pain while he was dying from cancer, her story grabbed my attention. My family members and I looked into did some research and scoured the web for insights and reviews of this compound, and after many months of looking into the subject, we came to a conclusion that this is a product we need to provide and educate people on as much as possible.

Since then we have attended many festivals, seminars and spoken to multiple doctors about the positive effect of CBD. Our research has taken us all over the world, most notably in the US, Canada and the UK with the intention to find the best quality CBD at competitive pricing. 

We now have a presence in both Europe and the Americas, with our products certified in both regions, making us specialists in CBD globally.

We are a family run business and are grateful to all our customers for helping put a roof over our heads.

Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority.